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Value Pack

$499/ monthly

Three websites, one monthly payment

What’s Included:

  • No set-up charge
  • Save 50% when you sign-up three websites 
  • Upgrade to enterprise pricing as the number of sites grows
  • Enjoy enterprise support
  • 100% money back guarantee 


$299/ monthly

Get started on a single website

What’s Included:

  • No set-up charge
  • Pay as you go – cancel anytime
  • Upgrade to a Value Pack and save as your number of sites grows
  • 100% money back guarantee 


$/ monthly

Do you have more than three websites? Want to save more? Let’s talk enterprise

Learn More:

  • Annual plans to reduce your monthly cost
  • Enterprise strategies for agencies, ISOs and aggregators

100% Money back guarantee 

Although we don’t think you’ll ever want one, we’ll gladly provide a refund if you request it within 30 days of your purchase.

What you get when you buy an EMTWerx License

Accept EMT payments automatically.

All payments are verified before the order ships. Move your EMT on-hold orders to processing within minutes.

Get peace of mind knowing orders are shipped out only when you receive you EMT payments. Your on-hold orders are processed by our plug-in every five minutes. Verify order accuracy and funds availability within minutes using our automated email compare feature. Your customer WooCommerce orders will be in order, every time.

Reduce Fraud. Manually checking EMT payments creates the opportunity for fraud and increases business risk. Automation, and the removal of back office human interaction provide a fail-safe solution.

Eliminate Human Errors. EMTWerx removes human error through automation: Your orders are immediately flipped to processing from on-hold.

Save Labor Costs. EMTWerx demonstrably reduces labor costs. Without pressing, menial duties, your team is free to spend more time on value-added tasks

Many Customization Options. The EMTWerx Plug-in provides multiple setup options depending on your business’s unique requirements.

Support Available. We provide 12 hour email support, six days a week.


Do I turn on Autodeposit at my bank?

Yes, the plug-in needs Autodeposit to function. Setting up your preferred email for Autodeposit with your bank will save you from pontential issues in the future.

How does email money transfer work?

In many ways, an e-Transfer resembles an e-check. The actual transfer of funds does not take place via email; only the directions for obtaining the money do.

  • The sender selects the recipient, the amount to send, a security question, and the answer before starting an online banking session.
  • The sender won’t see any options for a secret question and answer if the recipient has enabled Autodeposit; however, is an optional message that the sender can fill out for the recipient’s reference.
  • The recipient is then sent an email or text message with instructions on accessing the money and a request to respond to the query via a secure website. If the recipient has enabled Autodeposit, the money is deducted automatically.
  • The security question must be accurately answered by the recipient. (The funds will automatically be sent back to the sender if the recipient respond incorrectly to the question three times.
  • Once the steps are completed, the monies are deposited quickly and cost-free

Note: the recipient must have access to a mobile banking application offering EMT service to receive funds.

Can I modify the instructions shown to the buyer?

You can change the buyer’s instructions in any way you choose at Woocommerce > Settings > Payment > EMTWerx > Instructions. Be sure to leave two spaces for “1” and “2,”, so the plug-in may replace them with the order number and the randomly generated response later.

This option is not available on checkout?

In the Woocommerce admin panel, please make sure EMTWerx is enabled as a payment method.


Compatibility support and customization

Yes, we offer full plug-in support and customization for an additional fee. In the event that your store is not Woocommerce, we also offer API access.

Does the plug-in connect with my bank?

No, the EMT Plugin has no business with your bank account, It simply reads the email received from your customer against its order. It is completely secure.

Do I need to have coding skills to use EMTWerx Plug-in?

You do not need coding skills to use EMTWerx Plug-in. It merely requires installation and activation. There is no need for you to modify the code because EMTWerx will handle all support.

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