Types of Installs available for our EMT Werx WooCommerce Plugin are:

Gmail API Password – you will tell us your Gmail or business Gmail email address and create an API Password for us to connect to. This is the most secure option. Here is link how to do this including how to add required 2-Step Verification process. https://support.google.com/mail/answer/185833?hl=en

Add our email to your Bank – Login to the Bank which collects the EMT transactions and add our email: [email protected] in your bank’s dashboard for all completed orders. We do not require or want full access to your account, just email each time a transaction is completed to collect it into our automation process.

Forward the email which collects the EMT transactions – as added in your bank’s dashboard and create a filter to forward a copy to our email: [email protected]

EMT Werx New Install Submission Form:

If you have any questions about this form please email us at; [email protected]

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