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Requirements for the WooCommerce EMT Werx Plugin:
Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions on this process or want us to install this plug-in for you.

Latest version located here;

  1. Make sure you have the latest WooCommerce and WordPress installed.
  2. If you are running the BLAZING Email Transfer – Interac E-Transfer plug-in you will need to remove it as it will conflict with the EMT Werx plug-in, Either disable or you may need to delete it if you have it.
  3. You will need to fill out our form and our team will setup your license and sites – here: Once we receive your info we will email you your license keys.
  4. Install the EMT Werx Plugin and enter your WordPress Dashboard and bottom left of your dashboard go to settings and the submenu – EMT Plugin Settings. In the field: Site url of EMT Server enter with an end slash. Also enter the license key for the domain you are installing on as provided by us. You can also choose if you have this feature enabled the amount to be exactly matching – set; amount paid user to 0 for both + and – amounts. Or you can set it to whatever value you wish. This sets what amount could either under or overpay in an invoice. Allowing for any user errors when purchasing. Usually a good amount is -2 and +2. Which will allow either +2 dollars or -2 dollars in invoice and still auto-flip the transaction as completed.
  5. Once this has been set enable the plug-in.
  6. You can also edit the text instructions as shown to the custom inside your WooCommerce payments setup. GO to WooCommerce menu – submenu – settings – then click the tab – payments and the Fintech Werx Email Money Transfer option – click manage. Here you will see an instructions field you can edit as html.
  7. Here is an example of those instructions:

Please address the E-Transfer to the payee name OWNER failure to address the E-Transfer to OWNER may result in your E-Transfer being declined.

1. Please send an Interac E-transfer totaling your order amount to the following email:


<strong>EMAIL ON FILE WITH BANK</strong>


2. In the memo of the e-transfer, please be sure to include your order number. This is very important as it identifies which order you are paying for!




3. This email is set up for auto-deposit, so there should be no need for a security question/answer.

4. If you require a security question/answer, please use the following as the secret question and answer:

Write your Secret Question as: YOUR BANK SECRET?

Choose your Secret Answer to be: YOUR BANK ANSWER

Once we receive your Interac E-Transfer we will send out a confirmation email and ship your product.

Replace the following before adding this to your instructions in your install.

OWNER with the full name of the account owner on the bank account.
EMAIL ON FILE WITH BANK with the email on file with the bank to take EMT orders.
YOUR BANK SECRET with whatever you set your bank secret question as – this is only required if you have not set auto-depositing in your EMT setup in your bank.
YOUR BANK ANSWER with whatever you set your bank answer to be if you are not using auto-depositing in your EMT setup in your bank.

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